ENGO Reviews

  • CES Innovation Awards

    2023 Honoree - Virtual & Augmented Reality

    ENGO 2's dashboards are highly intuitive to use, and empower athletes to achieve their goals without the friction or distraction associated with watches, computers, or phones when running or cycling.

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  • Matthew Kirk

    ActiveLook Technology

    Great Concept, once you try it you wonder how you managed without them - checking your bike computer/watch every few minutes seems stone age in comparison. Even if you're not setting world records, the whole effort/training effect/pacing stress disappears into the background when you've got constant info. Garmin, Sunnto, and 3rd party systems are a pain to integrate with their constant changes but this will become seamless before too long so get ahead of the curve now!

    Mar 12, 2023

  • Are These Heads-Up Display Running Sunglasses Worth It for Athletes? 

    After running with these sunglasses for multiple weeks, I can easily say the Engo 2s are one of my favorite running accessories to launch this year. You don't realize how convenient a heads-up display is until you've tried it, and now that I've become used to it, it's hard to imagine just how many times I altered my pace for brief moments to check my wrist for data purposes before.

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    10 December 2022

  • The Engo 2 Review

    Over the years I've been somewhat cynical about the use of heads-up displays in endurance sports. ENGO 2 changed my opinion.

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    30 November 2022

  • Jason

    Oceanside, ca

    Awesome glasses

    Cycling with Engo smartglasses is awesome! I’m much more precise with my threshold training. Seeing my power output helps me feather my watts and get more out of my workouts

    16 April 2021

  • Pam

    Columbus, OH

    Amazing Experience

    Having my pace displayed at the edge of my vision – especially when racing – is an amazing experience! Now I can relax and concentrate on my effort and running form. Hello, BQ!

    16 May 2021

  • Dave

    Boston, MA

    It keeps me focused

    I love being able to glance at just the data I want (and nothing I don’t) displayed in my glasses. It keeps me focused on what’s important without overwhelming me with information.

    21 June 2021

Close up of biker from the side

Experience real time performance data in your field of view

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